microblading                          $ 430

Microblading is a form of permanent cosmetics that uses a manual method to create hair-thin strokes to provide the client with the optimal shape, color, density, and thickness of brows based on their personal preferences and what is complimentary to their face. These hair-thin strokes mimic the natural brow hair and provide a very natural result. Microblading can last 1 to 2 years with proper care.


When microblading just isn’t enough, we bring in this method which incorporates shading using a manual tool. This creates a wash of color behind the handmade hair strokes to make those brows pop that much more! Results can last 1-2 years with proper care.



This is a semi-permanent, thin line that goes through the base of your lash line. It makes the lash line appear darker and it gives the appearece of darker, more dense lashes. This is a very natural form of eyeliner. Eyeliner can last 1-2 years with proper care.


EYELINER          $500

Choose your style – whether it’s thick, thin, or winged. This form of eyeliner goes through the base of your lash line as well as slightly above the lash line to created the desired eyeliner look. Eyeliner can last 1-2 years with proper care.

touch up session                    FREE
8-11 month color boost         $250
12-14 month color boost       $300
15-17 month color boost       $350
18-20 month color boost      $400

* A $100 non refundable deposit is required in order to book a permanent makeup appointment. To learn about our microblading pre payment plan please click here > Pre Payment Plan

Volume eyelash extensions
1:2+ Volume lashes consist of multiple, ultra thin individual extensions that are strategically fanned out and placed onto a single natural lash. Volume lashes are great for clients who are wanting to achieve a glamorous, full, or fluffy look to their lashes. They can also be your lash savior for clients who have sparse or damaged lashes. These can be tailored from natural to dramatic depending on the desired look and health of the natural lash.

full set                             $250
30 minute express fill      $45
60 minute fill                    $65
75 minute fill                    $75
90 minute fill                    $85

Hybrid eyelash extensions
A beautiful mix of classic lashes and volume lashes provides a dense and textured look. A lot of different styles can be achieved using hybrid extensions and they are great for clients who are wanting to add more fullness to their lashes. These can be tailored from natural to dramatic depending on the desired look and health of the natural lash.

full set                            $200
30 minute express fill     $30
60 minute fill                  $65
75 minute fill                   $75
90 minute fill                  $85

Classic eyelash extensions
1:1 One extension per one natural lash.
Classic lashes provide an enhanced “mascara” look and are great for first timers or clients who are wanting to add a little glam while flirting the line of “are those her real lashes?!” Results vary depending on the length and strength of your natural lashes, as well as how many natural lashes are healthy enough to be lashable.

full set               $165
30 minute fill     $30
45 minute fill     $40
60 minute fill     $50

abdomen                $27
altered bikini        $45
arms – full            $45
arms – half            $35
back – full             $32
back – half             $20
bikini                      $35
brazilian                $60
brow                       $20
buttocks                $30
chin                        $12
ears                        $10
full face                $50
legs – full              $75
legs – half              $40
lip                            $10
neck                         $12
nose                         $10
sideburns                $12
underarms              $20
lifts & tints
eyebrow tint                        $25
eyelash tint                         $25
brow + lash tint combo       $45
eyelash lift + tint               $65
eyelash lift                          $55
full face              $40
Previous Work


“Micki is so amazing at what she does! She’s informative, kind, patient, outgoing, artistic, very professional and such a down to earth person! I will always recommend her for every service she provides, she always goes above and beyond! I love that she always asks what you’re looking for/expecting so she can give you the best style that fits your face and answers every question to make sure you are comfortable before starting any procedure! I was always so nervous to get microbladed and lash extensions, now I’m just mad I didn’t do it sooner. I recently got my eyebrows microbladed & shaded by her and I am IN LOVE! She exceeded every expectation I had, I can’t stop looking at them. I had little to no eyebrows, they were so fine, thin and blonde and now I can wake up with some perfect natural looking eyebrows!! She also does my lash extensions and is the best of the best. It’s always so refreshing chatting with her and looking in the mirror after every appointment and feeling more beautiful everytime!” – Jaide


“So thankful I have Micki! She is simply amazing. She does my eyelashes as well as my brows. She is life changing. I hardly have to wear a stitch of makeup. Both were absolutely pain free and results are insane. She is caring, kind and makes you feel so welcome. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.” – Angie


“I got my eyebrows microbladed today by Micki and I LOVE THEM! This seriously is a life changer for me! Now I don’t have to spend 30 minutes drawing in my eyebrows anymore, YAY! My regular eyebrows were very light and thin. Now I have the eyebrows of my dreams thanks to her! I thought Micki was very professional, fun, nice and informative! Any questions I had she always answered, even if it was questions on Facebook at random times when I was still considering the process. I did a lot of research on each place here in Fargo before I booked and I’m so happy that I booked with Micki! I would recommend her to anyone looking to get their eyebrows microbladed! She truly is an artist with her work!” – Kristen


“I came in with the expectation I was getting lash extensions but I got much more than that! I got great conversation, caring, attentive and detail oriented service. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I truly do feel more beautiful than ever before. If you have ever contemplated lash extensions stop thinking about it and just do it! Micki is your girl!!” – Kaylee


“I had my first appointmet with Micki today for a lash lift and tint and I’m am SOOO happy I did! She is the sweetest! She is so talented and will explain everything before she starts. Her room is very comfortable and so pretty!! I had an awesome experience and will definitely be returning!!” – Michelle


“Micki is an eyebrow magician, can’t wait to go back for session 2!” – Erica


“Micki does lovely work! Always a 5 star experience!” – Devin


“10/10 recommend getting your eyebrows microbladed by Micki here! I’m OBSESSED with the brows she gave me today & am so happy I won’t have to fill them in anymore everyday! I have 0 to none eyebrows naturally and she gave me some of the most beautiful natural looking brows I’ve EVER had! Not only is she good at what she does she’s so kind and patient and makes sure you have the style you want & makes sure you’re happy! I drove 2.5 hours to have them done just by her because she does AMAZING! Definitely recommend!” – Jaedon-Jo

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